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Noel Gallagher’s Council Skies

May 5th 2023

This album makes me feel good

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Disclaimer, I’m a Noel Gallagher fanboy. I just love what he’s achieved and his quick funny wit. Council Skies is a collection of songs that I wish he’d released years before, more for his own sake than anything.

I sense that he’s been through alot in his life and has found a way of clamping onto the emotional nerves of his life experiences and finding a way of translating them lyrically in a way that most folks can understand. He’s figured out how to interweave his personality and perspective into a moody and melodic album.

Having spent a few years touring with U2 and their nostalgia tour, he’s used his past as a muse and subject matter for this latest release. By far his best since splitting from Oasis. I hear Sgt Pepper’s Beatles influence here and there, and oddly, the Cure and a little Paul Weller dare I say. ‘Dead to the world’ is a stand out track, classic Noel Gallagher tapping into dark emotions that eveyone has experienced at some point in their lives.

Gallagher has clearly done a lot of introspection, and is writing music for himself and nobody else. I find that admirable. He speaks of Oasis in the past tense, something that had a start, middle and end. He has a brother who knows how to rattle him, in a way Liam is a polar opposite. He doesn’t appear to think deeply, he’s right in the moment with a confident swagger, a performer and a bloody good singer.

They say opposite attract. Here’s the thing.

I feel that Noel has said all that he’s going to say from a solo perspective, for now. I hope he proudly tours this album and then get’s back to the business of Oasis. And yes, that means having a proper, private and confidential 1:1 conversation with his brother.

If they don’t, it’ll be too late so very soon. They must re-unite for the right reasons. Not like the mess that is The Black Crowes right now. A band they toured with before for ‘The brotherly love tour’, which was ironic as the brothers Robinson despise each other and never respected each other. The re-united for an anniversary tour, and is just reeks of inauthenticity compared to their brilliant past.

I’d love to hear your comments on this important musical topic

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